• Gamry Potentiostat 600 with ECM8 Electrochemical Multiplexer
  • DC105 DC Corrosion software (http://www.gamry.com/products/software/dc105-dc-corrosion-software/)


The following electrochemical tests can be executed:

  • Determination of the corrosion potential of a metal in an electrolyte of choice (for example sea water or chlorinated water from a swimming pool)
  • Galvanic testing: determine which metal acts as a cathode relative to the other metal, in an electrolyte of choice
  • Determine Tafel Scan: Comprehensive kinetic parameters and corrosion rate measurements.


As the electrolyte can be chosen freely, the corrosion potential can be determined in any specific environment. When the standard galvanic series gives insufficient information, by using a certain electrolyte, you will get a more realistic view of the corrosion behaviour of different materials in that specific environment.